Exquisite meals on the Niagara River

The owner of Montana International wanted this new outdoor restaurant to be a tribute to her parents.  She grew up on a dairy farm in Quebec and wants the space to be a place guests will go to relax, eat, drink, socialize, celebrate and enjoy the view…..  all the things she grew up doing on the verandah at the farm.

The slight variation of the spelling is because her Dad always left the ‘e’ out when he mentioned the verandah and it sounded more like V’Randa.  A tribute to him lends a bit of uniqueness to the name.

Tales from the kitchen

Our Chef, Peter Emborsky, is from WNY, but built his career in Boston. Upon returning to the area he replied to an ad to work for Montana International. His vision and style of cooking and team attitude were exactly what management was looking for and Chef Peter is bringing Montana’s vision of food quality and uniqueness alive. His passion for using locally sourced ingredients mirrors Montana’s.

Exquisite meals on the Niagara River

Our Menu

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